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Sherrie Howe

Sherrie Howe

Sherrie Howe is a Reiki Master offering Divine healing energy to all! Sherrie Howe is a Reiki Master and the owner of Divine Creatures Reiki, LLC. She does hands on and distance healing and while her passion is offering life force energy to humans and parrots, she will send the divine energy through anyone or anything! […]

Kristina Bloom

Kristina blog

Kristina Bloom is a psychic, medium, and channel for The Divine. For more than a decade she has been facilitating individual and gallery Psychic readings across the country, speaking in front of both small and large groups. The insight and wisdom of Spirit easily moves through her allowing for clear information for you, the receivers of the messages, […]

Keridak K. Silk


Author of Psychic Protection, Pendulums and several other titles.  Keridak is the Director of  Universal Awareness Center.  Her private practice combines her master’s in counseling with her deep connection to spirituality. As a pastor she offers intuitive counseling.  Often at open houses and fairs you can have Keridak tap in and share her insights into […]